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Bekka's Ramblings

Statement of Intent: I'm Bekka. I am both a closed and an open book. You'll find a lot about my personal thinky thoughts here, but not a lot about my personal and professional life. I have personal thinky thoughts about that.

I post sporadically, and passionately depending on when the mood and hormones strike me. I am too young for menopause but apparently no one shared that fact with my body.

I obsess about reading, libraries, glbt rights, politics, research, fandom, bullying and intimate partner violence. Not necessarily in that order, and not necessarily here. Among other things, the world exists in real time and I don't. Frequently, by the time I have the thoughts I want to express configured in my head, the world has moved on and my random blurt about something that was relevant a month ago would be fairly startling. Sometimes I post it anyway.

I have been lurking on the internet for an embarrassingly long time.

I am better about reading your posts than responding to them sometimes. I probably responded very appropriately and wittily and warmly to your post. In my head.

Age statement: I left my 18 year old self behind a while back. My 20th high school reunion is swiftly approaching.
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